A Decentralized Platform Changing the Course of Financial Security

A Decentralized Platform Changing the Course of Financial Securit…


The credit behind the idea and making of this Caizcoin cryptocurrency goes to its founders and developers, a group of young talented minds. Due to their combined efforts, Caizcoin is going to be the first decentralization of its Muslim orientation. The target of Caiz was not to take the help of any centralized form of blockchain. Its core purpose is to serve the decentralized business module making it much more secure and imperceptible for economic evils.

Their concept revolves around the idea of “Sharia,” which means “to be on a pure path.” This also reflects in their motto, which follows the core ethical principles of the Islamic finance system. Every crypto user acknowledges that safety is their priority. This crypto is developed in such a way that the nodes of its blockchain can be kept under strict supervision. Due to this, its exchange can be thoroughly checked under a payment gateway system. Furthermore, the company also plans to incorporate an E-wallet for controlling the transactions and making Caiz even more secure.

Another vital aspect to consider after safety is transparency. The developers paid extra attention to this viewpoint to build a unique ledger system for Caiz. Through this, users will be able to check every detail related to their transaction. 

A top-tier blockchain module would secure every transaction. Although this cryptocurrency is subjected to specific terms and conditions where users can transact using this currency at nominal charges.  Like bitcoins, the transactional history of Caiz will be kept anonymous to every other holder. Each transaction will remain secure under their robust concept of Islamic blockchain technology which the holders have to abide by when they take possession of this coin.

It is built to fight every kind of financial evil and support right-minded people. This coin can be used to purchase ethical books, scriptures, and texts. But the use of the coin will be strictly avoided for gambling, buying of illegal goods, exploitation, or for something that causes harm to citizens. 

Once the ecosystem evolves, the Caizcoin will provide support for the Caizcoin holders.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.



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