Another Crypto Whale Transacts 3,671 Bitcoin from Exchange

Another Crypto Whale Transacts 3,671 Bitcoin from Exchange


A crypto whale has always been a huge influencer on the market price of cryptocurrencies. Investors of the market in huge numbers watch the movement of the crypto whales to decide their next move of investment.  This time the Bitcoin whale has accelerated the accumulation of the world’s most valuable digital currency. And above all, the price of the digital asset remains the same!

Crypto Whale Moved 3671 Bitcoin from Coinbase

According to the latest data, Bitcoin users have moved 3,671 BTC from cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The trade takes place at the end of April month. 

According to a blockchain tracking and analytics firm Whale Alert, the cumulative value of the transfer of digital assets stands at around $194 million. The broached Bitcoin transaction was registered at 19:40 UTC.

The latest transfer is followed by a surge in Bitcoin outflows from the leading crypto exchanges i.e. Coinbase and Binance. It is observed that BTC whales are moving a large number of cryptocurrencies to their wallets. 

Lately, In March 2021, Coinbase was left with $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, within a short span of 24 hours. Another analytic platform reported that in the third week of March 2021, more than 15,000 BTC left the Coinbase

Bitcoin Price Remains Unchanged in the Next 24 Hours of Activity

Crypto whales have played a significant role in making the market capital of BTC  surpass the $1 trillion value.  

In the first week of April, the BTC addresses have engulfed nearly 90,000 coins. Earlier this week,  the purchase of 1717 BTCs was made by a Japanese leading firm, Nexon. 

From the latest, the Bitcoin whales have moved 21,334 Bitcoin within 2 hours after the world’s largest cryptocurrency jumped above $60,000. Digital gold is trading near $54,200 at the time of writing, with a market cap of more than $1 trillion. 

It is seen that BTC withholds its value from the last 24 hours, but popular altcoins like Ethereum and XRP gained a substantial value in the meanwhile.


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