Bitcoin price correction hints start of altseason; trader suggests

Bitcoin price correction hints start of altseason; trader suggests


Bitcoin price recorded a sharp correction on Dec. 11, marking a decline of 7%, wiping out the past seven days’ gain. The sharp price correction pushed the BTC price to a 4-month low of $41,329.

A decline in prices of altcoins followed the Bitcoin (BTC) price correction, many of which recorded double-digit drops. However, market pundits and analysts believe the recent price crash is a part of the ongoing price cycle, and after two months of bullish surge, a correction is no surprise.

Crypto analyst and co-founder of Reflexivity Research said that correction and market volatility shake off weak hands and cool the highly leveraged crypto markets.

BTC just ~doubled in 2 months with no pull backs, a correction is not that surprising.

Corrections shake out “weak hands” and leverage, allowing for a stronger foundation for eventual moves higher.

Bitcoin’s volatility is a feature, not a bug.

Chill with the leverage

— Will (@WClementeIII) December 11, 2023

Crypto trader Remen wrote in an X post that he believes the recent dump could push altcoins into another bull run. He added that it will take a long period of chops for Bitcoin to resume an uptrend as Bitcoin dominance has topped.

I told you about flash dumps repeatedly

Now dump is completed

It will take a long period of chops for Bitcoin to resume uptrend

Bitcoin dominance topped

We now entering proper ALT SEASON


Tears of regret don’t taste great

— RamenPanda (@IamRamenPanda) December 11, 2023

The sharp market decline earlier on Monday also liquidated over $400 million crypto leveraged positions, clearing the market. However, Bitcoin price has since recovered above $42,000.

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BTC price momentum started in October and helped the world’s top cryptocurrency make significant strides, gaining nearly $10,000 in the past month. However, the BTC price has been trapped in a sideways movement for nearly six months. Hitesh, another crypto analyst, pointed toward the price breakout of BTC after nearly six months of sideways price action.

BTC price has gained 50% since the price breakout toward the end of October. Hitesh pointed towards the on-chain data suggesting that accounts with over 1 BTC continuously bought BTC, and whales were accumulating Bitcoin. The institutional inflow and rising interest of financial giants amid a push for the first spot in Bitcoin ETF has built the right momentum for BTC before the key event of Bitcoin reward halving in April 2024.

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