Bitstamp Integration Now Lets Counter-Strike Players Cash-out Bitcoin

Bitstamp Integration Now Lets Counter-Strike Players Cash-out Bitcoin


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players can now easily cash out Bitcoin as gaming startup ZEBEDEE integrates its wallet service with Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitstamp Allows Counter-Strike Players to Cash out Their Earnings

ZEBEDEE’s Infuse technology lets players earn Bitcoin while playing games like PC shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that was initially unveiled in February. Infuse is an overlay over existing software that taps into the APIs from Counter-Strike: GO.

However, until now, it was difficult to cash out the Bitcoin earned or transfer the funds out of the ZEBEDEE Bitcoin Gaming Wallet to swap for other cryptocurrencies or use it to make payments.

Bitstamp is now coming to solve that problem by announcing that it has partnered with ZEBEDEE to add Bitstamp integration within the wallet.

The announcement comes on the eve of the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, where ZEBEDEE unveiled its upcoming gaming event, MintGox Esports Arena, where users will be able to play a variety of games for Bitcoin.

Players Can Log Into ZEBEDEE Wallet Using their BitStamp Credentials

Bitstamp Chief Technical Officer David Osojnik says that users can log into the ZEBEDEE wallet using the credentials of their Bitstamp account:

“The user experience using the ZEBEDEE wallet in connection with Bitcoin-infused games is already very seamless. It works like a charm until you want to withdraw Bitcoin out of the ZEBEDEE wallet. This is where Bitstamp comes in, by bridging the gap between the world of Bitcoin gaming and the global economy. Now, the experience will be seamless from the game to the ZEBEDEE wallet to the final destination.”

In February, Zebedee announced launching Infuse that allows players to earn Bitcoin while playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive, depending on their in-game score.  While the amounts are small, players can stack sats by earning satoshis across matches and then cash out their winnings.


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