CipherBlade Founder Alleges Theft And Forgery, Accuses New Management In Legal Complaint


CipherBlade, a prominent blockchain forensics firm based in Pennsylvania, has recently made headlines as it filed a lawsuit in Alaska, alleging a hostile takeover by a group of its own employees. The legal action, spearheaded by CipherBlade founder Richard Sanders, unveils a gripping tale of internal subterfuge and purported theft of critical company assets. 

According to a new report, Sanders accuses the new management of forging signatures, pilfering trade secrets, and orchestrating a ruthless raid on his home. The lawsuit has set off a chain of intense reactions, with both sides vehemently contesting the allegations and counter-allegations.

Allegations Of Misappropriation Plague New CipherBlade Management

Sanders, who established CipherBlade in 2019 with a clear mission to aid federal government agencies, private corporations, and individuals in combating financial crimes, was reportedly thrown into disarray during his voluntary stint in Ukraine in 2022. 

The lawsuit contends that the defendants, aware of Sanders’ absence, engaged in a series of deceptive maneuvers to gain unauthorized access to critical company accounts and proprietary information. Their alleged actions included the misrepresentation of vital facts, the theft of confidential investigation data, and the hijacking of CipherBlade PA’s business operations.

In a compelling turn of events, Paul Sibenik, a former senior investigator at CipherBlade, emerged as a vocal proponent of Sanders’ claims. Sibenik, who was initially chosen by Sanders to oversee the Pennsylvania office post the purported takeover, emphasized that the lawsuit aims to caution both past and prospective clients about the ethical deviations of the new management at CipherBlade. 

Notably, Sibenik emphasized the mass exodus of the original senior investigators, further emphasizing the apparent erosion of CipherBlade’s core values under the alleged new leadership.

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Legal Denials And Complex Narratives

In response to the allegations, the defendants named in the lawsuit, including Manuel Kriz and Michael Krause, vehemently repudiated all accusations leveled against them through their legal representatives based in New York.

As the legal battle gains momentum, a complex narrative of conflicting claims and narratives begins to unfold, further intensifying the intrigue surrounding CipherBlade’s internal upheaval.

Adding another layer to the unfolding drama, Sanders took to LinkedIn on Monday to assert that he had been left with no alternative but to sever all ties with CipherBlade. This announcement, made in the wake of the escalating legal feud, underscores the profound personal and professional toll exacted by the tumultuous events within the company. 

As the lawsuit continues to reverberate across legal and cybersecurity circles, the future trajectory of CipherBlade remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving both its clients and the wider industry watching with bated breath for the resolution of this high-stakes corporate drama.

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