Corporations Will Turn the Dilutive Asset Cash Into the Best Performing Asset Bitcoin, Says MicroStrategy's CEO

Corporations Will Turn the Dilutive Asset Cash Into the Best Performing Asset Bitcoin, Says MicroStrategy’s CEO


The financial world for the next 8-10 years will harm fiat currencies and push large corporations into converting their cash to bitcoin, said MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor.

Separately, the executive has also introduced a free of charge course to educate the masses on bitcoin, following the successful 2-day corporate event that took place earlier this month.

Saylor on Cash and Bitcoin

MicroStrategy made the news last August when the business intelligence giant made its first massive bitcoin purchase. The company has only intensified its BTC involvement since then with numerous more allocations, while the founder and CEO Michael Saylor became among the most vocal proponents and advocates for the cryptocurrency.

During a recent CNN interview, the executive went even further in discussing Tesla’s $1.5 billion bitcoin purchase. Saylor commented that such a development could have been expected to some extent, even though many saw it as a surprise.

He argued that the COVID-19 pandemic “changed everything” in the financial world as global economic superpowers like the US began expanding the money supply by 15% or more, which is a trend that “we expect to continue” in the next 4-8 years.

This means that for corporations that are balance sheet rich, cash is the “dilutive asset” because it’s losing 15% of its purchasing power per year. Alternatively, if those companies choose to turn into bitcoin, they will enhance the value of the shareholders:

“So, by converting a non-performing asset into the best performing asset, which is bitcoin, they converted dilutive asset into a creative asset and is really good for shareholder value.”

BTC Educational Course for Everyone

MicroStrategy recently carried out an educational panel to provide corporations with more comprehensive information on why and how they should turn their cash reserves into Bitcoin. The program had massive success, with nearly 7,000 enterprises at the event.

However, Saylor doesn’t seem satisfied to educate only the rich and powerful and has turned his attention to creating an in-depth course “for everybody.”

He announced the latest initiative on his Twitter account earlier and described it as:

“Free course to educate the world on bitcoin and assist anyone seeking to harness this digital monetary network to promote economic empowerment.”

The program is already available on the Saylor Academy platform – a non-profit created by the executive – and consists of five units.

These include exploring the current financial environment and BTC’s role in it, debunking myths and false accusations of being a Ponzi scheme, reviewing the theoretical and ideological foundations, discussing technical aspects, and incorporating it into everyday life.

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