How The World of Charity is Being Changed With Mobie

How The World of Charity is Being Changed With Mobie



Charity is a critical part of sustaining our global economy and ensuring that humanity continues to move forward together.  As capitalism and commerce continue to evolve in the developed world, often people are left behind, and it falls on those more fortunate to help pick up the slack.  Companies, governments, and individuals should all come together to support mankind, but it is not always that simple. 

Most of us are used to seeing calls to action to support nonprofits. These typically take the form of people soliciting donations on the street, through direct or lumpy mail requests, and online campaigns. The truth is that most people would wish to give back in some way but it is not always simple and convenient to do so.

The world is more cashless than ever before and this makes spontaneous donations on the street less likely. Mail requests for donations are also becoming outdated as most of us conduct our payments virtually which leaves online donations as the easiest way to give back. 

Now, it seems the world of charitable giving is getting an upgrade thanks to blockchain innovations like Mobie that are working to make it easier for consumers to donate than ever before. 

How Mobie Facilitates Charitable Donations 

Mobie is a platform that allows users to make payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency as well as receive cashback rewards for doing so. Cashback for making purchases is already a popular concept in the consumer world but while many companies give cashback (usually a small amount like 1%), little of this money ever goes to charitable causes. 

In fact, usually, the cashback is given to spend at specific brands, ensuring return business for the company. Now, Mobie is taking on this age-old practice and giving it a twist through its new ‘Giving back’ program. Through this program, customers can select a charity to support. 

After this charity is selected, up to 6% of their purchase value is then donated to this charity. Mobie users already have the option to receive their cash back on purchases directly but those who feel inclined can now give it to charity instead and make an even larger impact with higher cash back percentages when they donate to charity vs if they cashed it out to their own pocket.. Speaking on this development, Mobie CEO and Founder Brandon Burgason noted that giving back is at the centre of Mobie’s operations and thus, this is a natural part of their ecosystem. 

Why This Works 

This new initiative by Mobie has immense potential to change the way that people donate to charity. First, the process of donating is made as simple as possible. For the everyday consumer, donating to charity is sometimes inconvenient. Whether it is looking for cash to donate in the street or even taking out your bank card to donate online, the process can be daunting. With Mobie giving back initiative, consumers do not have to do anything besides pick a charity to donate to. 

From there, they only need to spend as they would regularly and they can make giving back a part of their daily life, seamlessly integrated with their routine. It also means that charitable donations can be more consistent and with larger amounts. 

It is one thing to donate a dollar here and there a few times a year to charity but having up to 6% of all your daily purchases given to charity can round up to hundreds a year over time. For those who want to give back but struggle to do so, this will be a lifesaver. 

Blockchain-based payment methods are becoming more and more commonplace these days and innovations like what Mobie is doing will go a long way to not only improve on these payment systems but will also benefit the world of non-profits as well.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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