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Is Peter Schiff Right? Bitcoin ETF Approval Hype May Lead To Market Disappointment


Bitcoin’s price rollercoaster took a wild turn this week, soaring to near $48,000 on the back of a fake Bitcoin ETF approval announcement before tumbling back down. This episode underscores the intense anticipation surrounding the potential greenlighting of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, a decision expected in the coming days.

While some see this as a historic step towards mainstream acceptance, others, like outspoken Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff, warn of a potential “buy the rumor, sell the news” scenario.

Schiff argues that the market has already baked in the excitement, creating an “overbought” condition ripe for correction. He advises investors to exercise caution and consider selling before the actual decision lands.

#Bitcoin spiked near $48K then dumped near $45K following a hacked @GaryGensler post announcing the approval of #BitcoinETFs. An actual approval is expected tomorrow. With so many speculators expecting a rally, it’s hard to believe the market will deliver. Better to sell today.

— Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) January 9, 2024

Bitcoin ETF At A Glance

A Bitcoin ETF is a financial instrument designed to track the price of Bitcoin without requiring direct ownership of the underlying cryptocurrency.

Like traditional ETFs for gold or stocks, it trades on established stock exchanges, offering accessibility and familiarity to conventional investors.

In essence, a Bitcoin ETF acts as a pool of Bitcoin (or Bitcoin futures contracts) held by a fund manager. The shares of this pool trade on stock exchanges, reflecting the real-time market value of Bitcoin.

This allows investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements without managing the complexities of owning the cryptocurrency itself.

Bitcoin currently trading at $45,734 territory. Chart:

This cautious sentiment by Schiff contrasts with the optimism radiating from many corners of the cryptoverse. Enthusiasts view the ETFs as a critical legitimizing factor, opening doors for institutional investors and boosting Bitcoin’s overall legitimacy.

Adding to the intrigue is the SEC’s seemingly contradictory stance. Chairman Gary Gensler, a vocal critic of the crypto ecosystem’s speculative nature, has recently issued stern warnings about Bitcoin’s volatility.

However, despite these concerns, the SEC appears poised to give the ETFs the green light, highlighting the complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

Will They Heed Schiff’s Warning?

Meanwhile, veteran journalist Charles Gasparino’s insights from top securities lawyers suggest that Gensler’s recent warnings could actually be a precursor to approval. This adds another layer of intrigue to the already volatile mix.

Amidst this whirlwind, traders and investors face a crucial decision. Do they ride the wave of optimism, potentially reaping the rewards of an ETF-fueled rally? Or do they heed Schiff’s cautious advice and take profits before the potential bubble bursts?

The next few days are likely to be a nerve-wracking test for Bitcoin ETF. Will the long-awaited approval propel it to new heights, or will Schiff’s letdown prophecy come true?

One thing is certain: the market’s response will be closely watched by both believers and skeptics alike, providing valuable insights into the future of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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