Kim Dotcom 'Officially' Joins the Bitcoin Cash Movement - Decrypt

Kim Dotcom ‘Officially’ Joins the Bitcoin Cash Movement – Decrypt


Kim Dotcom, political activist and founder of the now-defunct file hosting service MegaUpload, has “officially” joined the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, as per a tweet this morning.

I’m herewith officially joining the effort to make Bitcoin Cash the leading electronic cash solution in the world.

I will help to accelerate the use of BCH with real world and online vendors and to increase the user base.

I know how to do this. Join me.#Bitcoin #BitcoinCash

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) January 10, 2021

The announcement comes a year after Kim moved over to evangelizing Bitcoin Cash, citing the “toxic” and infighting Bitcoin community as the main cause.

Kim said he will lead efforts to make BCH the world’s “leading electronic cash solution,” adding that he shall work towards greater adoption of the cryptocurrency and tie up with online vendors to increase its user base.

The German-Finnish entrepreneur gained fame in the early 2000s after becoming a dotcom millionaire (hence the peculiar surname) and living a lavish life. He was convicted of fraud by the US government in 2012. Since then he has worked as a political activist in New Zealand and been an outspoken crypto advocate.

Meanwhile, when asked about why Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin, Kim said on Twitter today, “Because it works. Low fees, fast transactions, easy to use, and secure. I looked at all cryptos to use for my upcoming new innovation and Bitcoin Cash ticked all the boxes.”

He added, “BCH is already implemented with 100K+ vendors and that number is increasing rapidly.”

The activist further claimed to utilize his network and the power of “genius marketing” to popularize Bitcoin Cash over other cryptocurrencies among the general public.

Despite the comments, Kim’s not wholly trashing Bitcoin. He said in the comments of his tweet that Bitcoin now functioned better as a store-of-value cryptocurrency (a point that even fund managers and tech firm owners seem to share), while Bitcoin Cash was better for making online payments. Not everyone seemed to share that view, however.

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