Marc Lasry Expresses Regret for not Purchasing More Bitcoin

Marc Lasry Expresses Regret for not Purchasing More Bitcoin


Billionaire Marc Lasry expressed his regret for not purchasing more Bitcoin during his appearance on Squawk Box of CNBC on June 8. Lasry even shared his predictions regarding the flagship currency stating that it will continue to go up if more and more people start using it.

“I Should have Bought a Lot More,” Marc Lasry on Bitcoin

Mentioning the growth potential of Bitcoin, Marc Lasry said:

“The probability as more and more people keep using Bitcoin is going to keep moving up. It’s happened a little bit quicker than I thought it would. I should have bought a lot more.”

Lasry claimed back in the year 2018, that he had around one percent of his total worth invested in Bitcoin. Moreover, he predicted that the coin has the potential to reach the mark of $40K when the coin was being traded for $7.4K if it were to become more mainstream

As predicted, it was witnessed on January 7 of this year that Bitcoin managed to touch the level of $40K for the very first time and on April 14, it surged to its current ATH of $64,895 before falling back to the levels of $30K.

Bitcoin’s Future Prediction a bit Difficult 

Well, the flagship cryptocurrency recently underwent a huge correction, and as of now, Lasry is not pretty sure of the future of Bitcoin. 

In accordance with the Co-Owner of Milwaukee Bucks of NBA, there are two possibilities regarding the future of Bitcoin; either Bitcoin can surge to $100,000 or it can plunge back to the level of $20K.

Addressing the fact that he is not aware of what Bitcoin is up to, he said:

“I honestly don’t know where it’s gonna go, but you’ve got that market. It’s there.”

As reported by the leading market data aggregators, Bitcoin re-explored the levels of $32K today.


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