Introducing Blockster: The Official Space for the Blockchain Industry

The Official Space for the Blockchain Indu…


Blockster is the networking platform for crypto. Let’s learn about what Blockster is, how it works, and how businesses and crypto enthusiasts can benefit from it all alike. 

What is Blockster?

It is a crypto-centric social networking platform that not only works as a junction for individuals interested in crypto to stay updated about all things crypto but also lets crypto businesses and startups promote themselves. In addition, companies can introduce their genius team members behind their innovative products to investors, traders, and other notable enthusiasts. is managed and owned by the shareholding company “Blockster Holdings,” recently valued at $25 Million with one seed funding round to date. It’s an elite platform that has created its reputation and space in the market because of its cutting-edge solutions for crypto individuals. As a result, this popular platform is already witnessing substantial interest from various people globally. In addition to this, major crypto projects like Enjin, Chainlink and Zilliqa are also actively growing this platform.

That’s not it. What’s even more exciting is that Blockster has integrated a total of more than 150 partners ranging between cryptocurrency projects, media platforms, conference organizers/events,industry experts, and top executives.

In July 2021, this platform launched its testnet, and it’s all set to open to the public later this year. However, even before the official launch, the hype for this platform is unparalleled. With nearly 400,000 people are on the waitlist at the time of writing this article, and it’s growing with every passing day.

Excited to know about how this platform works? Don’t worry; we have you covered with all the prominent features that you should know about it. 

How does Blockster work?

According to the Blockster team, the platform will be launched in three phases i.e. i) Crypto-centric social network, ii) crypto-focused features for allowing commerce iii) Crypto Marketplace. 

Crypto-centric Social Network

At this stage, the aim is to create an intuitive network with blockchain-based businesses and users that can connect easily as well as launch an advertising platform which will be completed by December’s end. Right now, Blockster allows users to communicate via Blockchat, get industry news via Blockdesk, and access 1000+ cryptocurrency pages (aka business pages) via Blockwatch. Let’s discuss these features in detail:


Blockster has its Blockchat feature that lets users enjoy secure Telegram-styled messaging. Users can connect and communicate with groups from within Blockster network.


This powerful in-house publication lists the recent advancements across the blockchain domain and new projects venturing into the market by leading experts. As many thought leaders contribute to daily content, you don’t have to switch to other platforms to fulfill your craving for crypto updates. Within the Blockdesk users can directly connect with authors, experts and team members of top blockchain projects. 

Business Pages

Leveraging the business pages of this platform, registered users can access all the authentic and cited information directories. Be it Defi, blockchain, or dedicated cryptocurrency directories, users will get all of them with a single click. The top thousand cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses will own their pages on Blockster. Everyone can follow their news and announcements, get in-depth information about their companies, and connect with their teams.

Personalized Profiles

Unlike other social media platforms, Blockster lets users personalize their profiles as per their requirements. With personalized profiles, users can stand apart from the rest and have the opportunity to connect with industry experts.

Along with this, registered uses can also create their business pages and promote their services to potential buyers. So whether you are an influencer, investor, crypto trader, or specialist, it has something for everyone.

Crypto Focused Features

At this stage, the team expects to introduce crypto-focused features such as Blockster Ads, Blockster Wallet, Blockster App (iOS & Android), P2P transactions, Portfolio tracking, BXR tipping. The main goal is to allow commerce on Blockster at this stage.

Blockster Ads

Blockster will be a holy grail for crypto and blockchain-based companies to market their services and products to thousands of active users. They can use BXR tokens to pay for the ads that they will be running in the future. It’s the first of its kind platform that offers companies to promote without restrictions.


Data is everywhere, and especially the data of cryptomarket attracts several people. Blockster offers a full-fledged market data timeline for all the data lovers that keeps everyone updated with real-time data. Users can also track their portfolios through the Blockwatch which is verifies be Chainlink. 

Blockster Wallet

The users will have a dedicated wallet attached to their profile. This way they can buy, sell, trade, withdraw cryptocurrencies easily, as well as send digital assets to their friends within network.

A Complete Crypto Marketplace

The main focus for this stage is the development of a marketplace that will allow users, businesses, game developers, and crypto projects to monetize Blockster and accept crypto payments.

Final Thoughts

Blockster is a one for all destination in the crypto world to serve a multitude of purposes to various users. This platform is set to redefine how social media should look and function to serve a greater purpose.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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