The pandemic has forced the world to be online.

The pandemic has forced the world to be online.


The pandemic has forced the world to be online.

While the ever-evolving internet has been making its way into every crevice of our lives for some time, nobody could have predicted a worldwide disease that forced the digital space upon us. Experts have claimed that the work from home economy would grow over time, though they didn’t account for such a significant push in such a short period.

However, this online shift isn’t just affecting people’s lives at work, it upended our social lives as well. Hangouts at a buddy’s house turned into two-hour Zoom calls, and Tinder dates are now webcam dinners. What’s interesting to imagine, though, is how much the internet will remain ingrained in our lives after the pandemic is over.

More specifically, how will it affect event-planning? We predict quite positively.

As of now, event planning organizations such as Eventbrite have had to shift their business to cater to social distanced events and online meetups. Forced into isolation, lonely citizens have only these as a distraction. Art shows, concerts, classes, and clubs are all done digitally. While this might seem like a step backward, this change is great for the event planners of the world – it opens them up to a new world of advertising.

Attendees who found events locally are now aware of the breadth of online event planning. Even smaller meetups like a food drive or book festival can find a bigger audience on the right platform. What’s important is building the right outlet to capture this expanded sect of users.

This is where PhoenixDAO’s events dApp can assist planners of all sorts.

Creating and buying tickets to attend an event on PhoenixDAO’s event marketplace is easy. By doing so, a creator agrees to have their event shown on the platform’s listing. From there, users simply sign up via metamask wallet. However, more wallets and sign up options will be added over time. There’s no need for a lengthy registration process which effectively limits people without a few registration requirements from attending. This streamlined login/signup process can entice users from all walks of life, knowing it’s hassle-free. This streamlining of the signup procedure can entice users to sign up for more events, knowing it won’t be a hassle.

Now, how does a planner get their event in front of more attendees? Through the ongoing marketing efforts taken by the team at PhoenixDAO as well as leveraging the ever growing PhoenixDAO community. Considering more users than ever will be signing up for online events, they’ll become recurring customers if they like what’s provided to them. These fans will then bring their friends, and so on. Eventually, an event planner could have grown a self-sustaining user base on PhoenixDAO, all by capturing this new group of heavy online users.

Even better, this growth will likely be amplified post pandemic. The PhoenixDAO events marketplace uses the native PHNX token to buy and sell event tickets. These events can be assigned in different categories and be done virtually or at a specific location. The event tickets are ERC-721 NFT based allowing users to send tickets to other people. Event creators have a dashboard showing all information from metrics to sell data. The event marketplace is decentralised using powerful and familiar blockchain integrations. 

Platforms like PhoenixDAO’s events dApp are the future of event planning. With a massive new audience aware of attending events online, all planners need is to design the right event that keeps them coming. Our dApp is simply here to help. To exist as a space for one to grow their audience. We’ll handle making attendance as easy as possible. All a planner needs is to focus on the future.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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