US City Mayor Scott Conger Backs Bitcoin as an Instrument to Kill Inflation

US City Mayor Scott Conger Backs Bitcoin as an Instrument to Kill Inflation


Scott Conger, the Mayor of a city in the US shared on Twitter his belief that Bitcoin is the tool that will be acting as a fix for inflation. He called out the US Federal government in his tweet and then ended with there being only one fix for inflation, which is Bitcoin.

Scott Conger Says Bitcoin Will Kill Inflation

As witnessed in the past 3 years, the inflation rate in the United States has gone significantly up and the current predictions for the inflation rate for the United States at 6.35 for the coming two years.

Conger pointed out the inflation rate in his tweet and said that in his 37 years of existence on Earth, the inflation in the United States had gone up 172.8%. 

In addition to this, the mayor called out on citizens to demand much more from the federal government and indicated that with each passing year the value of the US dollar is going down.

Back when Conger was 35 years old, being an advocate for Bitcoin adoption, he managed to beat Jerry Woods, his opponent for the mayor of the City of Jackson, Tennessee by over 3,000 votes.

BTC Will Open More Options in Future

In accordance with the statement released by Conger, the flagship cryptocurrency has the potential to bring more opportunities to the constituents and will be providing more options.

Addressing the fact that the governments are actually considering the methods and ways to adopt Bitcoin, he said:

“It’s so refreshing to hear governments discussing different ways to finance things. Besides ‘we’re going to raise your property taxes,’ or ‘we’re going to implement this fee.’ If we can find another way to do it, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Talking about the community and its reaction after the statement of Conger, the statement has been taken positively in the community and users supported it on Twitter.


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