What Is 'Yescoin'? The Telegram Tap-to-Earn Game and Airdrop Details

What Is ‘Yescoin’? The Telegram Tap-to-Earn Game and Airdrop Details


Telegram-based games are taking over the crypto gaming landscape, with Yescoin emerging as one of the most popular titles in the latest Notcoin-inspired pack. While most of these games prompt users to tap the screen, this game instead asks you to swipe to collect digital coins.

Just a month after launch, over 18 million people from “nearly every country on earth” have played the game, the creators say. In the wake of this success, the game has teamed up with layer-1 blockchain The Open Network (TON), alluding to a potential token with the ticker YES.

Attracting 18 million gamers is no easy feat, especially for a relatively basic spin on the clicker genre. So how is it drawing in such a big crowd, what’s up with the potential token drop, and what are the game’s future plans? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Yescoin?

Yescoin takes a different approach than the common Telegram “clicker” premise by getting gamers to swipe across a screen full of gold tokens. 

As you swipe, coins vanish and new ones appear. But as seen by a bar at the bottom of the screen, your energy slowly decreases. Once it hits zero, coins appear at a slower rate. You can either swipe every coin away as it appears, or leave the app alone for a while so your energy bar regenerates.

Like with many clicker or “tapper” games, you can use the coins you earn to purchase ways to speed up your earnings. You can buy power-ups that increase the value of the coins, as well as speed up the rate that your energy bar regenerates.

Screenshots from Yescoin. Image: Decrypt

The most valuable boost, however, is the YesPac—a roving creature that automatically collects coins for you, and offers powerful and unique bonuses at each upgrade level. For example, it can collect coins for you even when you’re offline and not actively playing.

When you first start the game, there are “onboarding” tasks including connecting your wallet or inviting a friend, and these grant big rewards. Taking advantage of these early is a great way to kickstart your game and help you buy key upgrades without waiting.

Token and airdrop

The developers have alluded to a potential YES token being released. In June, the team confirmed a partnership with TON, the blockchain behind most major Telegram crypto games like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. “Yes, let’s say YES!” The Telegram announcement said, “Yes, let’s say YES TO THE MOON!”

In a more recent tweet, the team referenced “upcoming airdrops,” stating that they are developing an onboarding system which will provide both on-chain and off-chain rewards.

Notcoin, the O.G. Telegram-based clicker game, set the blueprint for releasing a token in this genre. Those who played during the early-year “mining phase” were able to claim tokens relating to how many in-game coins they’d earned. Quickly after launching on TON, it became the biggest gaming airdrop of 2024 and has seen a peak market cap well above $2 billion.

Again, Yescoin hasn’t explicitly confirmed its token plans, the TON partnership and core design of the game certainly suggest that the game plans to drop some crypto cash on players.

The future

Yescoin has had a successful start, but what does the future hold?

As Yescoin prides itself on being worldwide, it has been actively working to launch its bot in different languages. As such, it will continue to launch bots in new languages—the latest being Bengali.

It is also planning to launch a “Global Yescoin Ambassador Program,” which likely means teaming up with influencers and prominent community members to drive awareness. Alongside this, Yescoin is developing an onboarding system called the “Three-Stage Rocket Plan” which will tie into the aforementioned rewards and future airdrop plans.

With summer starting to heat up, the game is also planning to run a series of “Summer Carnival-themed events.”

Most recently, the team announced that it is building a new system to handle server pressures as its community grows. In turn, they’re also putting more effort into fighting scammers in the community—something every crypto project is plagued with.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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