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Introducing Miner US Limited 

Miner US Limited, founded by Graves David Gavin, launched in New York in April 2019 after four years of researching cryptocurrency investment trends and opportunities. The launching event was hosted by Miner US Limited, the parent company of Miner US. In order to launch its operations, Miner US spent 50,000,000 USD, gathered an exhaustive set of legal documents, and obtained a license that is still valid at the time of writing. Miner US intends to offer a way to invest in cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance projects, crypto securities, and blockchain technology that circumvents the typical pitfalls and restrictions of such investments. This group of analysts, engineers, data scientists, operators, and risk managers is dedicated to making ethical cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. The group’s main goal is to be responsible with the use of capital.

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Cloud-Mining Models

Answers to “How does cloud mining work?” emphasize cloud crypto mining models. Cloud crypto miners can choose between two models. Two cloud crypto mining models are described here.


Cloud miners lease a portion of a mining farm’s hashing power in this model. Miners must subscribe to a cloud mining company plan to share in the mining farm’s profits. Miners leasing the farm’s hash power don’t pay setup or maintenance fees. Each miner’s hashing power also determines mining rewards.

Cloud mining benefits

Cloud mining’s benefits are another must-mention. Cloud crypto mining is cost-effective and maintenance-free. Cloud mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies has many advantages.


Cloud crypto mining is cost-effective because miners don’t need equipment. Miners don’t have to upgrade or maintain equipment either. Miners need not worry about electricity bills or mining rig heat and noise.


Maintenance-free cloud mining is its biggest advantage. Mining service companies maintain equipment for miners. Mining service companies usually avoid maintenance issues by placing mining farms in cooler climates and using chilling towers.


Consider the mining service provider’s technological support. Cloud crypto mining requires no cryptocurrency, mining rig, or protocol knowledge. Open a mining service provider account and pay the hashing power fees. You can check all account rewards on your tablet or smartphone.

Miner US Launch and Services

Miner US offers lifetime cloud mining for USDT-based cryptocurrencies. Using cutting-edge technology, they offer multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud mining. Since their founding, their open hash power market has been a huge success. Mobile apps allow users to use our services anywhere.

New users receive 10 USDT in hashing power upon registration. Miner US offers 6 month and exclusive lifetime mining power plans with a wide range of hash rate power, as shown in the table below.

VIP 1 Hashrates(GH/s) (0.00~999.99USDT) Daily earning (2.50%)

VIP 2 Hashrates(GH/s) (1000.00~9999.99USDT) Daily earning (3.00%)

VIP 3 Hashrates(GH/s) (10000.00~29999.99USDT) Daily earning (4.00%)

VIP 4 Hashrates(GH/s) (30000.00~99999.99USDT) Daily earning (5.00%)

VIP 5 Hashrates(GH/s) (100000.00~499999.99USDT) Daily earning (6.00%)

SVIP Hashrates(GH/s) (500000.00~599999.99USDT) Daily earning (10.00%)

After the completion of the contract duration, the remaining balance can be fully withdrawn along with the principal amount.

Miner-US Referral Programs

A user may provide a friend with either an invitation code or a link to use when creating an account for themselves. After completing the registration process, the friend record will be available to view in the My Team section. Only when offline computing power is purchased can commission income participate in dividends; the dividend ratio is based on the user level. Commission income can only participate in dividends when offline computing power is purchased.

Referral Purchase Rebates 

VIP 1 

Level 1 : 3.00%

Level 2 : 0.00%

Level 3 : 0.00%

VIP 2 

Level 1 : 4.00%

Level 2 : 0.00%

Level 3 : 0.00%


Level 1 : 5.00%

Level 2 : 0.00%

Level 3 : 0.00%


Level 1 : 7.00%

Level 2 : 0.00%

Level 3 : 0.00%


Level 1 : 9.00%

Level 2 : 2.00%

Level 3 : 0.00%


Level 1 : 12.00%

Level 2 : 2.00%

Level 3 : 1.00%

Final Thought

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the most important part of this post: Miner US will always be the best option for making a profit without the need to pay for the equipment and the fee to maintain it. In addition to the potential for financial gain, mining in the United States enables companies to offer superior customer service to customers in the mining industry. You are now aware of what cloud mining is and why you should select Miner US as your service provider.