Making Change through Crypto: 5 Charities Enabling Cryptocurrency Donations


The popularity of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in the last five years. This global phenomenon has entered various markets, industries, and the charity sector. For many years, charities, NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and multiple causes have sought more accessible and swifter payment methods to support their work.  

Today, thanks to cryptocurrency, this sector can get the necessary funding much faster and without any hassles. A few reasons contribute to the popularity of crypto among donors and charity organizations. For instance, many donors seek anonymity and privacy because they don’t want the attention to be focused on them. They can also avoid soliciting from the charity for additional donations. We should also note that the fees associated with such transfers and the processing time are much lower than conventional transfers. 

So, there are numerous benefits of cryptocurrency donations. If you are ready to donate some of your funds to charities and causes accepting crypto, we prepared a short list of five organizations that are right up that alley. Let’s begin!  


Founded in 1946, UNICEF was part of the United Nations organization. Its main objective is to protect children’s lives and rights and help them meet their potential. Today, UNICEF is available in more than 190 countries and territories across the globe. 

In 2019, UNICEF became the first UN organization to accept cryptocurrency. More precisely, it has created CryptoFund, an innovative financial vehicle that enabled the organization to receive, hold, and spend crypto.  

It’s worth noting that this fund accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum. Interestingly, the donated money they get is invested in startups in different countries. So, once you donate, your donation is used for a cause chosen by UNICEF. Of course, this cause is related to children’s well-being.  

Electronic Freedom Foundation 

Another well-known nonprofit organization that accepts cryptocurrency is Electronic Freedom Foundation. This is one of the most essential organizations in the field of civil liberties related to the digital world.  

In the era of fake news and various government and non-government propaganda, EFF ensures that technology is used only to support and advance freedom, justice, and innovation. Its work started in 1990. EFF witnessed tremendous success in protecting user privacy and free expression. 

It goes without saying that this would’ve not been possible without donations. Namely, 70% of its funding comes from individuals, while the rest comes from planned giving and grants. Regarding payment types accepted by EFF, it accepts credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. 

Electronic Freedom Foundation created unique wallet addresses for over a dozen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Solana, Ripple, and Litecoin. Interestingly, this platform works with BitPay, a crypto payment service provider that enables even smoother Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transfers.  

Human Rights Foundation 

If you believe that human rights is a cause that should be supported (who doesn’t, right?) and you want to do that with the help of cryptocurrencies, you can look towards the Human Rights Foundation. 

The HRF is a nonprofit organization aiming to promote and protect human rights worldwide. It primarily focuses on closed societies and communities prone to human rights violations.  

It’s worth noting that HRF was one of the first organizations of this type to accept Bitcoin donations. They’ve been doing this since 2014, so no long after everything ramped up in this world. In addition, HRF has a Bitcoin Development fund (since 2020) supporting developers working on enhancing this crypto network’s resiliency, privacy, and decentralization.  

A page dedicated to Bitcoin donations on its official website allows you to pay with BTCPay. You can also donate via PayJoin or use the QR code with a Lightning wallet. 

Rainforest Foundation 

It’s not just people who need help – Mother Nature can be vulnerable too. The Rainforest Foundation is a US-based nonprofit NGO operating in South and Central America. It works closely with indigenous people in these regions and helps them protect rainforests. 

When you donate to the Rainforest Foundation, you help it address three main issues: protecting lands, building effective local organizations, and influencing climate change policy. 

This is one of the charities and causes accepting the most cryptocurrencies. You can donate directly by using RF’s wallet addresses or scanning respective QR codes in Bitcoin, Celo Gold, Ripple, Solana, USD Coin, Ethereum, and Cardano. This organization also uses the Giving Block donation widget with over 50 cryptocurrencies

Crypto for Charity 

Unlike the rest of the names on this list, Crypto for Charity serves as a middleman between donors and nonprofits. This dedicated crypto charity currently allows you to choose from over 55,000 nonprofits to support. 

There’s a simple step-by-step process that helps you finish this job. You only have to choose a cause or nonprofit, choose a coin (dozens available), and type in the amount. The good thing is that you can get a tax receipt in your email and stay anonymous. 

In addition to cryptocurrency, Crypto for Charity accepts NFTs and NFT drop proceeds.