BC.GAME Teams Up with Leicester City: $40 Million Deal in iGaming and Football

Press Release

Join the exciting alliance as BC.GAME, a leading iGaming platform, teams up with football giant Leicester City in a $40 million deal. This collaboration marks a new dawn for iGaming and football, promising unmatched experiences for fans worldwide.

Transforming Sports Sponsorship

See how BC.GAME’s emblem will adorn Leicester City’s Men’s First Team shirts from the 2024/25 season, symbolizing a new chapter in sports sponsorship. This collaboration highlights the growing synergy between digital gaming and professional sports, setting unprecedented standards in the industry.

$BC: A Crypto Game Changer

Find out about the launch of BC.GAME’s own cryptocurrency, $BC, a strategic move designed to transform the gaming industry. With community-driven enhancements and exclusive features, $BC is set to redefine what players expect from the gaming experience.

Strategies for Growth and Engagement

Learn more about BC.GAME’s ambitious plans for propelling the $BC token to new heights. From community airdrops to strategic partnerships, learn how BC.GAME aims to increase visibility and engagement, ensuring the token’s success in the competitive cryptocurrency market.

A Strategic Alliance with Leicester City

This partnership with Leicester City, active from August 2024 to May 2026, is an important step for BC.GAME to strengthen its global presence. By tapping into Leicester City’s rich heritage and passionate supporters, BC.GAME aligns with an ideal partner to merge the realms of professional sports and digital gaming. This collaboration promises to introduce exciting new ways to engage fans, strengthening the bond between the club and its followers.

BC.GAME: A New Chapter Begins

Join BC.GAME and Leicester City as they set off on this game-changing adventure, setting the stage for a future where the thrill of football and the excitement of iGaming converge. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling venture.

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