FinxFlo (FXF)

Name : FinxFlo
Ticker : FXF
End Date : Jan 15, 2021

FinxFlo FXF is a global crypto brokerage designed to help traders access the best prices with an unparalleled level of transparency and efficiency. By aggregating offers from the world’s leading exchanges, FXF helps to eliminate market distortions and achieve the optimum buy or sell price for all orders. Users can take full advantage of the access to multiple exchanges with just one account, one wallet and one KYC process. FXF is managed by a core team of finance, tech, and law experts with a vast knowledge of financial markets and digital currencies. Each of the four-team members has decades of experience and all are well-recognized in their respective fields. FXF is supported by a highly qualified board of senior advisors • FXF partners with Fireblocks, a cutting-edge custody provider used by the world’s largest institutional players. It effectively mitigates the risk of hacks and unauthorized transactions, and all assets are fully insurable. • We also partner with Truiloo for our Customer Identity Program which adopts industry-leading customer due diligence practices. • Through our partnership with Chainalysis, we will go above and beyond the mandated compliance requirements with the introduction of a KYT process, allowing us to provide a safe and secure trading experience for all

Token information

Token Name : Finxflo
Token Ticker : FXF
Max Supply : 1,200,000,000
End Date : Jan 15, 2021
Platform : Ethereum
Price in ICO : 0.12 USD

Venture information

Min. investment : 500 USD
Accepting : ETH
Distributed in ICO : 50%
Token for Sale : 600,000,000

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