MicroStategy bitcoin

How Much Profit Has Microstrategy Made On Its BTC Bet?

MicroStrategy has become one of the top gainers of the recent Bitcoin bullish trend, and the analytics provider has secured billions in gains after disregarding naysayers to make a long-running bet on Bitcoin. MicroStrategy Massive Bitcoin Bet Hits Gold Leading provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, MicroStrategy is riding the early wave of the […]

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Robinhood crypto trading rises 75% in Nov, CEO tips ‘9 figures' in revenue

Robinhood crypto trading rises 75% in Nov, CEO tips ‘9 figures’ in revenue

Crypto-friendly trading platform Robinhood has reported a 75% month-on-month increase in digital asset trading volume in November. In an 8-K filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 4, Robinhood noted that “November Crypto Notional Trading Volumes were roughly 75% above October 2023 levels.” The activity however equity trading volumes and options contracts traded […]

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