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Crypto Faucet Guide – Easy Way To Create Your Own Crypto Faucet

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are you looking for a way to make your own crypto faucet?
well it’s not really that hard to create your own crypto faucet there are many faucet scripts available to start with and in this tutorial, we will teach you the easiest way to create your own crypto faucet site using WordPress faucet script.

Table of Contents

What you need to create your own Crypto Faucet
How to Set up your own Crypto Faucet
How Faucet Owner earn from Crypto Faucet
How to get Traffic for your Crypto Faucet

What you need to create your own Crypto Faucet

This is the list of requirements to create a faucet site


  • you will have your own domain in order to create your own faucet. A domain is the name, brand, or URL of your faucet site it will need to be unique and appealing at the same time it has the word of what your website is all about example if you are planning to create a bitcoin faucet you can use the word like BTC faucet, claim BTC, claim satoshi, earn satoshi and many more. there is many sites where you can buy a domain name but I will only put site where I usually get my own domain.
  1. Paid Domain – i always buy my domain at Namecheap i just use their website because i can pay using Bitcoin
  2. Free Domain – if you just want to test it first or you want to lessen you expenses you can get free domain in Freenom its been a long time since the last time i use it but if I’m right you can get free domain in their website of .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq the downside of free domain is you cant post the link of free domain in some forum or social media ( use .ml its better than .tk)


  • You will need a hosting to host your domain in order to create your own faucet. Hosting is needed in order for your domain to be online you will need hosting for your domain to become searchable and start to accept visitors. usually, there is a much-hosting company where you can get your hosting but I’m not familiar with them so I will only advise what I always use.
  1. Shared Hosting –  Namecheap Shared Hosting  might not be the best to host your website but it acceptable especially when you plan to create faucet site its a little bit cheaper compared in other hosting or dedicated server but the good thing is you can use it in trial and error phase because when you start your faucet it will not become popular overnight. I use the Popular shared Hosting plan in Namecheap it can host unlimited domains but the traffic is limited that is why when your website becomes popular you can just transfer it to the better hosting plan.
  2. WordPress Hosting – Because the faucet script that we will use in this tutorial is a WordPress plugin you can also use the Namecheap EasyWP hosting this is where i transfer my WordPress site when my shared hosting always reaching it traffic limit and cant accommodate more visitor. It’s a little bit faster compared to shared hosting but it’s more expensive and you can only host a solo WordPress site in one EasyWP hosting.
  3. Free Hosting – there are many hosting providers that provide free hosting but I don’t plan to share their website with you because it’s not really advisable for crypto faucet site it has a limited traffic capacity in just a few hours your website can reach it limit so I advice not to use it but if you only plan to try to make your own bitcoin faucet for free to check it out and see how it works its not bad idea to try it out using free hosting and free domain its possible to create your own faucet but its better to not share it in public and only use it for test.


  • You will need to install WordPress, i tried using the lastest wordpress but its not compatible in the faucet script so you need to downgrade your wordpress to 5.3 in order to create your own faucet there are 2 ways to install WordPress for your website you can install it manually or using a Cpanel of your hosting you can check the guide here of how to install wordpress

WordPress Faucet Plugin

  • I never try other crypto faucet script what i only use for my Crypto Directories Faucet is the WordPress faucet plugin of Faucetpay but there is many crypto faucet script that are available and in this tutorial i will only teach you how to use the WordPress faucet plugin that i use in CryptoDirectories

How to Set up your own Crypto Faucet

If you read our tutorial right now you already have a domain and hosting with a wordpress installed and your now ready to set the wordpress faucet script in your website in this turorial i will teach you how to create crypto faucet step by step

wordpress faucet script

  • Go to Configuration Paste your Faucet API in the wordpress faucet plugin in your wordpress admin panel

faucet api

  • Go to Faucet>>General>>Claims Add the Ref Commission and payout timer( Crypto Directories Setup is 50 Ref Commission and 300 payout timer for 50% refferal commission and 5 minutes faucet timer)

  • Go to Faucet>>General>>Security add limit claims every 24 hours we limit our user in 10 claims per day to avoid abuse in the faucet also enable Avoid Opera Turbo users and Enable fake buttons

  • Go to Faucet>>General>>System Configuration enable the Automatically run payout with cron run so your faucet will automatically pay the user every 20 minutes

faucet configuration

  • Go to Faucet>>General>>Captcha add you Captcha API you have 3 option you can use Solvemedia , Recaptcha and Raincaptcha ( in cryptodirectories faucet we only enable and use Raincaptcha which its hard to be abuse by bots )

  • Go to Faucet>>Currencies>>BTC (BTC is only example you can use different currency from BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC or even payout in USD) only set up the currency you are planning to use and if you want to make another faucet you can just add new faucet in the wordpress faucet plugin.
  1. Sep up the amount treshold to 1 so user will be paid minimum of 1 satoshi.
  2. Sep up the payout 1 means 1 satoshi or 0.00000001 BTC
  3. Sep up the Odds of winning 20 means 20% chance to get than amount every claim and you can lower the chance for high amount by using 0.1 or lower

faucet currency

  • Go to Support>>How To Use copy the shortcode and create a new Page in your wordpress admin panel and paste the shortcode.

faucet shortcode

  • Go to Faucet>>General>>Urls add your faucet page links or URL.

Congratulation now you are finished setting up your crypto faucet the next thing you need to learn is how to earn in your faucet.

How Faucet Owner earn from Crypto Faucet

  • Advertisement – this is one of the best way the faucet owner use to earn from crypto faucet you can join some advetising website to earn some crypto to pay the user that claim in your faucet. when your faucet is new the best advertisement to use is A-ads. A-ads is not only no requirements and accepting new website it also pay daily in your faucetpay account without minimum withdrawal. But when your faucet site become popular you can apply in other advertising website in our list.
  • Referral – this is the second way the faucet owner use to earn some crypto there is no limit in referral program as a faucet owner you can promote whatever website you want to promote but its better to be crypto related because you also need to based the content in the interest of your user like for  crypto user it obvious that your user is interested in cryptocurrency. there is some way i use to promote crypto related content in my crypto user i make you some example
  1. Make a faucet list this is one of the way i use to earn some crypto. you can check our direct faucet list all the faucet listed in our bitcoin faucet list all pay directly in faucetpay which means every claim of user i will also get some referal commison that i can also use to add funds to my faucet.
  2. Make crypto related content, article, or blog with your referral link. many people do this like a review, top 10/top 5/top 3 crypto of crypto websites and many more
  3. Use direct banner for the website you plan to promote then use your referral link and add it in your faucet this can become effective but you will need to pick the best platform that might get the interest of your user. if your not sure what website to promote in your faucet you can visit Bitcoin Directory and Altcoin Directory it have a list of crypto websites that might get the interest of your crypto users.

How to get Traffic for your Crypto Faucet

  • Share your faucet in social media (Facebook Group, Twitter, Reddit and many more)
  • Share your faucet in Crypto Forums , Altcoin Discussion , Social Communities as long as its a crypto related site you have a chance to get a lot of user
  • Contact Faucet List Owner to add your faucet in their list usually you can contact faucet list owner in some crypto forum or directly in their website.
  • Get listed in Faucetpay Faucet List its not hard to be listed in faucetpay faucet list because you are using their wordpress faucet script you just need to manage the faucet information in your faucet owner dashboard and when you get more than 3 user you will be automatically listed in their faucet list.
  • Add you faucet in Crypto Directories direct faucet list we only have few requirements the faucet must not have more than 2 pop up and faucet is paying bitcoin directly to faucetpay account
  • Register in MellowAds to get some free advertisment fund to run some campaign you can claim minimum of 500 satoshi every 24 hours in their faucet and use it to run pop up campaign minimum fund needed is 1000 satoshi in 2 days you can start and run you network pop under to promote your faucet.

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