How do Live Dealer Games Work with Bitcoin Casinos


In recent years, two things have been ubiquitous in the online gaming world: bitcoin and live dealer casino games. Live dealer games give you a feel of being in a casino with real people and casino attendants. Although live dealer casino games might not be for everybody, all online gamblers will benefit from making a move to bitcoin. Highly rapid withdrawal rates are the main advantage of using Bitcoin: users can withdraw and store Bitcoin from their account the same day. Anonymity and lower costs are other advantages.

Why play Live Dealer Casino Games?

Most people want the experience of real-life casinos, and this is mostly missing in online casino games. Live casino dealer games help these people imitate and immerse themselves in the casino environment. There’s something quite satisfying to see the winning card being flipped by a real person or seeing someone call out the winning roulette number. Moreover, you do not need to depend on the random number generator because the game is played with a true card deck or with a genuine roulette wheel.

Fortunately, almost all the leading online casinos offer Live Dealer versions of common casino games now. An example, Casino bee lists a number of casinos that offer numerous games, including live dealer games. So, it won’t take you long to start to play with one if you have that Live Dealer itching.

How do Bitcoin Casino Games Function?

Bitcoin casino games function the same as if you used some other currency. However, suppose you prefer to play through USD. In that case, you can exchange your bitcoin for USD in the most prominent online casinos before you play. You can download live dealer casino applications and play on any iPad, Android, or iPhone if you own a tablet or smartphone.


The most common live dealer game is Blackjack. The appeal comes from the game’s simplicity and the player’s agency. The aim is to make your hand higher than the dealer without reaching 21. The player is handed two cards at the beginning of each round. Number cards are worth the face value, and all face cards are equal to 10 points, whereas an ace can be worth around 1 or 11 points. The player immediately wins if the first two cards are exactly 21 (this is called a blackjack or “natural”). The sum is a win regardless of the dealer’s cards. If a player’s cards are less than 21, either they hit, stand on their current hand, proceed to split each of the cards into a new hand, if both of them are equal, or give up their hand for half their bet.


Roulette is another popular live dealer game. It is one of the purest types of play in today’s casinos. The croupier casts a ball into a roulette wheel and bets on the location of the ball. There are two kinds of bets that can be made by players: they are namely the inside and outside bets. Inside bets are made inside or at the edge of the grid, covering individual or small numerical classes. Outside bets, such as all red and all Black numbers, are put outside the grid and involve large numeric classes.

Playing live dealer games in a bitcoin casino makes it even easier for newbies who seek to go with the trend.


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