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Choosing crypto wallets for gamblers for casino betting isn’t exactly easy. For this reason, it is best to be careful with your selection. You can choose from hundreds of wallets. Everyone claims to be the best, but that cannot be the case, of course. Below are the ones we find the most comfortable, reliable, and safe because of their storage method (online, mobile, etc.). 

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BlockStream Green Wallet

That’s a wallet for the cloud. It is really easy to use so that bitcoins can be easily transferred to your favourite sportsbooks. 

Web wallets are not as safe as other alternatives. Blockstream Green is a multi-signature wallet that separates itself. You, the holder of the accounts, some of the keys aside from one which the platform holds.

Blockstream Green has a “watch only” feature, which is freely available to use. This feature allows you to log in to check your balance and collect funds while other transactions are not acceptable. This is an extra safety measure to protect your money.


A smartphone app is also named BreadWallet. Here, for both Android and iOS, BRD is available free of cost. It is also user-friendly and suitable for people who are new to sports betting with Bitcoin.

This wallet does not run on a third-party server, unlike cloud-based services. It is a standalone app that sits on your phone and your request links to the BTC network. This gives additional protection.

This wallet does not have a lot of bells and whistles. You could send and receive bitcoins. This is all it is about. Yet, in its simplicity, there is elegance.


Electrum is both a smartphone and a desktop application. It can be downloaded and installed on your desktop or laptop. Or download your telephone (Android or iOS).

For many people whose privacy is a top priority, this wallet was a favourite. The private keys are encrypted, several wallets can be created, and multi-sig permission can be split. It should also be remembered that by loading your bitcoins on a second offline device or computer, you can “cold store.”

Electrum is shockingly easy to use, although it is rich in functions and ultra-secure. It might not be the first choice for people who are new to Bitcoin sports betting, but people who know about BTC will find a lot to love.


The Trezor is a hardware type of wallet. This is the kind of item you bring along with you or keep in a safe deposit box. You have to pay for it, unlike the previous software. The Amazon Trezor is now $69.95.

The system can be attached to all major platforms. It does not only work with Android and iOS but can work with Windows and Linux as well. It has a tiny screen. This is helpful because it aids you to search for your wallet information quickly.

The Trezor includes a unique password management function to encrypt your passwords in addition to protection. Also, if your wallet is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can easily recover it.


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